How can we make open innovation more impactful and core to our strategy?

A global FMCG industry leader wanted to move towards Open Innovation and reduce the costs of generating 95% of R&D internally. Their biggest barriers to successful Open Innovation were internal, not external.

Their existing processes and culture around innovation were fluid, informal and exploratory. They needed a more consistent, cohesive and coherent interface with the marketplace. This would enable them to deliver an effective ‘want-find-get-manage’ OI function.

We re-invented their front-end processes, embedding ‘want’ sheets and associated governance structures. We facilitated best practice problem definition and established new norms. Enabling them to identify and articulate strategically important ‘wants’ not ‘wishes’.

The business now has a reputation as one of the best Open Innovation partners in the FMCG space. They are the benchmark for what good OI looks like.