RDVS is a leading provider of electrical and electronic engineering services to the emerging hybrid and electric vehicle markets

RDVS was established in 2004 to provide electrical and electronic design consultancy and prototyping services at every stage of the product design and development process, from pre-study to product launch.

RDVS was founded by three seasoned electrical automotive engineers, led by Rob Millar, who could see where the sector was heading and recognised the opportunity for innovative whole system solutions that optimise the performance and reliability of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Chris met Rob in early 2008 when Rob participated in a UK Development Agency programme that Chris ran. At that point RDVS was still three people with a big idea but not enough revenues to grow it. Since then Chris has supported Rob and the team as they have built the business and nurtured the idea such that leading automotive manufacturers now seek them out. RDVS is now 30 strong and is recognised as a designer and provider of state of the art Battery Management Systems.