SNAP Fashion

Snap Fashion is the modern girl’s answer to how to shop now

Snap Fashion is a sartorial search engine that uses images to search for matches, saving time, money, and eliminating the frustration of having to trawl for hours, days even, shopping online.

The process is simple: take out phone, launch the free Snap Fashion application, select the product type that you want to search, and then snap it. The item is then searched for on Snap Fashion’s extensive list of affiliates via cut, colour, and style, and the results are delivered straight back to you in tabs, and within seconds. Users can browse all, save favourites to buy later, or click through directly to the retailer’s website to buy now, a rewarding shopping experience all in a few quick clicks.

Invented and developed by 25-year old computer science graduate, Jenny Griffiths, one of only two young women in her class of 30 at the University of Bristol, Snap Fashion was born out of her own frustrations. “I was tired of shopping on a student budget,” says Jenny. “I love admiring looks in magazines, on the catwalks and those that other women put together, but when it came to sourcing the items that I liked – let alone, those that were within my price range – I struggled, and so, using technology to search via images, seemed like the most obvious thing to do.”

It may have seemed obvious, but true visual search that can recognise a wide range of shapes, patterns and colours is a ‘holy grail’ of computer science. Via was introduced to Jenny by a former client of Bill’s when she was still wondering what she should do with her idea, “should I give up the day job and try to crack a problem that so many large businesses are working on too?” Since then we have worked with Jenny to secure funding, develop and launch the Snap Fashion service and brand, and negotiate agreements with global fashion houses, retailers and telecommunications operators.