Through the depth and breadth of projects across multiple sectors we have perfected our approach to making innovation happen

We recognise that every innovation initiative is different. The focus, approach and overall objectives vary. Inevitably they are a mix of creative, technical and business challenges – we often refer to this as the art, science and politics of innovation.

We take an integrated approach, bringing together excellence in business strategy, creative thinking, technology application and their impact on customer, consumer and market behaviour.

To our clients we are not only experts in innovation but also trusted mentors and partners. People who work with us prosper, develop, and re-engage as they face new challenges. These relationships often span many years.


Our approach is founded on seven key principles:

  • Focus on what matters
    Find a problem worth solving, by us.
  • Understand the needs
    Customers, consumer, users and stakeholders
  • Explore widely
    Opportunities, constraints and risks
  • Learn fast
    Iterate and prototype creatively and rapidly
  • Look for scalable solutions
    Build exploitable platforms, not one-offs
  • Create meaningful roadmaps
    Know where you are and where you are heading
  • Set targets
    Leadership behaviours and success criteria


We bring these principles to bear in an integrated, creative and iterative process, to manage development, investment and risk.

Our process spans four stages of ‘awareness’, ‘vision’, ‘ideas’ and ‘action’. At each stage we think and explore broadly with our clients to enable fresh consideration of the opportunities before refining and honing our conclusions.

We use an extensive set of creative and analytical tools that condense a problem into its simplest form or expression. The tools help us and our clients navigate through uncertainty and encourage progressive exploration and decision-making.

Having identified the compelling needs and understood the associated challenges, we define solutions and determine how to make them happen.